Thursday, December 20, 2012


I just found out I once blogged. How embarassing.

Oh, it was a required blog for a marketing class at UCSD? OK, that's not as embarassing.

It's like saying I joined an online dating site because my friend signed me up. I had no choice, really. ;)

I read my old posts and felt a mix of:

Love for my old self
Embarrassment (lot's of that going on today!)

And most strongly....a yearning.
But for what??

I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm aching for something. It's like I miss my old self. I don't want to go back in time, and I don't have any why do I miss my old self? I'm going to ruminate on that, something's there...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Goals

So, part of my homework this week for my Social Media class is to write about my blog goals. What better place to address these questions than in my actual blog? Here goes.

What are you hoping to accomplish?
Getting an A in my Marketing Media class, of course. Oh, you mean besides that? :) I wanted to learn how to create a blog and get familiar with the technologies, learn about comments, trackbacks, etc. And I've done that. Now I feel confident about the blog technology and would know how to apply it for a business. I'll have to get back to you on whether I get an A in the class, though. Email my teacher if you think I should get an's her email....jk jk =D

Who are you targeting?
To be honest, I'm not targeting anyone for this blog. As I said, the purpose of creating this blog was so that I would familiarize myself with the blogging technologies and how it all worked. In the future, when I create a blog for professional purposes I will definitely then have a real target.

Do you plan to continue your blog beyond class?
Not this particular blog, but I plan to create a new one for business purposes. That means no more silly girl, instead I'll be genius business girl blogging away. :)

Pinch me...I'm NOT dreaming

You know that expression "Pinch me, I must be dreaming"?? Well for me that expression should be "Pinch me, I'm NOT dreaming". Why? I've lately been amazed by realizing just HOW QUICKLY technology has improved in the last 10 years, and HOW MUCH it has became a central part of many people's lives in the US. But what really astounds me is that I haven't really noticed it. Sure, I'm aware of it when people say "technology is improving so fast now!" and each time a new gadget comes out (like the iPhone), but to really realize how different our lives are TODAY compared to 10 years ago - .....I'm speechless. Pinch me, I'm NOT dreaming.

Things I use daily today that I did not 5 years ago:

-Facebook: And other social networking sites to keep in touch with people I normally would have lost contact years ago

Internet "radio station" that is 100% customizable for you, and just you

Application that shows you webpages that YOU want to see, 100% customized to you

To read reviews. The product or service I choose to buy is usually 80% based on reviews I read!

-My boyfriend's iPhone
To get directions when we're lost. To get product reviews while I'm shopping in a non-online store!

I take it for granted now that I have all these technologies at the tip of my fingers. I feel helpless when I leave home and realize I don't have my cell phone. I feel exasperated when I get lost driving (happens all the time) and I don't have GPS to tell me where to go. And when I need to buy a product I'm unfamiliar with, I can't imagine having to make a purchasing decision based SOLELY on the product's own packaging and advertising! :) What a life. Pinch me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Viral Videos Galore! Time to Contribute!!

I'm taking a marketing class via UCSD Extension and in tonight's class we'll be discussing viral video's.

Let me tell you something: I. Love. Viral. Video's.

One thing about Viral Video's is that when a new viral video comes out, a whole bunch of "video responses" are created that build upon, mimic, or make fun of the original video. Case in point: "The Dramatic Chipmunk" video.

This was quickly followed by a bunch of video responses, my personal favorite's include:

"The Dramatic Lemur"
"The Dramatic Cat"

My friend and I uploaded our first video to YouTube - a video response! We reenacted a viral video of a baby panda sneezing and scaring it's mom.

Original Video, click her"
OUR video response, click here

Whatcha think? Leave a comment! Yes, even if it's to say we're ridiculous. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Surfing is akin to Meditation

I'm happy. I go surf.
I'm confused. I go surf.
I'm bored. I go surf.
I'm pissed. I go surf.

In almost all cases, no matter what my mood and mindset was before going to surf, I come out of the water feeling refreshed, energized, and yet mellow all at the same time. In my head I sometimes hear a cheesy line my D.A.R.E teacher used to say: "I'm high on life!" It makes me smile to think of how lame that line is, yet how true it can be after a good surf session.

A good surf session. Good is the key word in that sentence, because after a poor surf session I feel the opposite of zen - frustrated. It's probably the same feeling guys get when they get blue balls from a tease that won't give them any play. You go in expecting a great time, only to get refused the whole time. What a gyp!

I liked how one guy said in his blog that when you are a surf addict you often feel a "Loss of sexual motivation: you are tired and you do not want to spend your energy in other 'sports'." Haha! However, he then says "
What is your problem men?" Come on guys, how can you forget about all us surfer girls out in the water too?? I guess his surf addiction is so strong that he doesn't even notice all the cute surfer chicks in their bikini's, paddling right in front of him. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Hi, Farty!"

Alright, time to add my own story to the thousands of "How I made a fool of myself on a conference call" stories.

Time: 10 am.
Place: My house.
What: I dialed in to a conference call for my work. There were about 10 people on the phone. I was the only woman on the call. As usual, we all took turns announcing our presence on the call. As usual, I said "This is Janie, I'm here." As usual, I then put my phone on mute so I would only listen for the rest of the call. Or So I thought! Instead, I forgot to my phone on mute. My roommate's cat then walked into my room, and I made obnoxiously loud kissing sounds at it and then said in a falsetto voice, "Hi, Farty!!". Suddenly the speaker on the call went silent in the middle of his sentence and I thought, "Uh oh...why did they get quiet right after I said that? I hope it wasn't because I'm not muted!"

I checked my phone. I was NOT muted. Everyone heard me make slopping kissing sounds to someone I called "Farty". Remember, I'm the only woman on the call, it was obvious I was Farty's kisser.

After an awkward silence, the speaker said "Uhh....yeah....." and continued.

Thank god it wasn't a video conference, otherwise everyone would have seen me turn bright red.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surfing and Sunscreen

I just got out of the water, and it was amazingly warm! This was the first day of the year that I was able to go surfing with just a swimsuit, not even a wet-top! Nothing clears my mind and centers me like surfing. It's so "zen" out there, the happiness I feel after a good surf session equals the feeling I get after meditating for a long time. And surfing is a lot more fun than meditating. ;)

Soooo, one of my pet peeves is "waterproof" sunscreen that is NOT waterproof, only water resistant. I tried out a lot of the major sunscreen brands that were labeled as waterproof, only to be frustrated when the sunscreen dripped into my eyes, making it hard to see and less enjoyable to be surfing. Here's my top 3 favorite active-watersport sunscreens:

1. Bullfrog: There's many different types of Bullfrog sunscreen, all the one's I've tried are good. Use this on your face. As always, the higher SPF the better. This is VERY different from most sunscreens - instead of being a cream, this sunscreen is based in alcohol. When you put it on your face (hold your breath!) it dries within seconds. This is great when you're going in the water right away.
*Update: I just learned that there is a special Bullfrog sunscreen for surfers! It's called "Bull Frog Sunblock Surfer Formula" and it supposedly stays on longer than the normal Bullfrog. Can't wait to try it out!

2. Coppertone UltraGUARD, which provides both UB and UBA protection. (anti-burn and anti-aging)

3. Coppertone sunscreen for babies. The sunscreen doesn't stay on as well as Bullfrog, but I can't feel it when it gets in my eyes because it's "sting free".